Why Choose ClearDefense?

ClearDefense Window Film of Va., Inc. provides excellent service and quality to  their customers. Installation personnel must be trained and accredited  by CP Films. Employees are knowledgeable in the latest film applications and standards and, more importantly, possess a high degree of  professionalism. Highly trained personnel combined with a strong  manufacturer warranty has allowed for hundreds of satisfied customers to feel confident in their choice of ClearDefense Window Film of VA, INC.  for their window film needs.

Benefits of ClearDefense for the Homeowner.

ClearDefense Window Film of Va., Inc. uses Vista Window Films for its superior  quality and durability. Vista Window Film provides many benefits that  will enhance the overall comfort, beauty and value of your home. A  micro-thin layer of protection provides noticeable benefits that improve comfort and security year-round. Vista window film significantly  reduces heat and glare along with 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays. Your view will be enhanced, your energy bills will be reduced, and your  furnishings will be protected from excessive fading. Once completely  bonded to the glass Vista Window Film is virtually undetectable and  deceptively durable allowing for easy cleaning.

What Causes Fading?

The sun radiated enormous amounts of energy, although only a tiny portion  reaches the earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The  electromagnetic spectrum is split into three bands by wavelength: the  ultraviolet band, the visible band, and the near-infrared band (heat).  While all three portions of the electromagnetic spectrum contribute to  fading, the ultraviolet band is the most significant contributor. Vista  Window Film filters out 99% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

Benefits of ClearDefense in Commercial Properties.

Hospitals, office buildings, art galleries and every other type of commercial  space have recognized the benefits of window film technology. Whether it is for safety/security, energy efficiency, privacy or just purely  decorative. ClearDefense Window Film of Virginia, Inc. has a solution  for any need.

Enhances insulation properties of the building leading to lower energy costs

•Reduced glare providing for increased tenant comfort as well as improved productivity.

•Protection from harmful UV rays for furnishings and occupants

•Uniform external appearance that enhances the building's architecture and appeal.

•Helps retain glass in the case of forced entry or environmental damage.

•Privacy films offer a low cost alternative to replacing existing glass.

•Ability to add custom logos or architectural elements to existing glass.
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